Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bratz Fashion Packs!

WOOHOO! the fashion packs are back! :o) I think they look cute, and sassy! My fave is the "Pajama Power" one, coz it would be Awesome for a sleep over with your bratz doll! (lol I used to always have sleep overs with my bratz dolls when I was little ;D). and my second fave is "Beach Blitz" because its summer here in Australia and I can dress up my bratz doll into these clothes if she's going to the beach or something. and my third fave "Fashionably Fit" because its like casual clothes and this what my bratz doll would wear if she at home bored and on her laptop :). so whats your fave outfit out of these? 

                                                        "Pajama Power" Fashion Pack

                                                          "Fashionably Fit" Fashion Pack

                                                           "Beach Blitz" Fashion Pack

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